Fri, 17/05/2019 - Sat, 18/05/2019 Sporthalle Hamburg, Hamburg


Die Fackel weitergeben

Fire 19 is a conference for Christians who yearn for a new passion and to be filled with the Holy Spirit in a new way. Several internationally-known speakers, including Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda, will be preaching and praying for the attendees.



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€39.00 (incl. booking fee)

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Children (6-12 years of age)

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Children (0-5 years of age)


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Fri, 17/05/2019 -
Sat, 18/05/2019

Sporthalle Hamburg
Krochmannstraße 55
DE-22297 Hamburg

Christus für alle Nationen e.V.
Orber Strasse 67
DE-60386 Frankfurt


What's it about?

How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?

Romans 10:14

At 11 years of age, I experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and was baptized in water a few weeks later in Hamburg-Barmbek. A life in God’s power began. We’ve seen entire populations impacted by the Gospel and millions of people coming to Jesus. Now I’m 79 years old and want to give this burning torch to the next generation. That’s why I’ll be in Hamburg in May 2019. Come! The Lord will do great things!
Reinhard Bonnke


17 MAY 2019

Session 1: Speaker19:30

18 MAY 2019

Session 2: Speaker
with Kids Festival (6-12 years)
Session 3: Speaker
with Kids Festival (6-12 years)
Session 4: Speaker
with Kids Festival (6-12 years)
Session 5: Speaker
with Kids Festival (6-12 years)
Session 6: Speaker
Childcare for children (6-12 years)

There are 600 parking places available at the venue. Parking places are accessed from the entrance to 1 Braamkamp. We recommend public transport as the most relaxed way to arrive. When purchasing an entry ticket for the event, the HVV Ticket for public transport in Hamburg is already included in the price.

Plan your route with the HVV here: HVV public transport

“Telling to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, and His strength and His wonderful works that He has done.” Psalm 78:4

The “Kids Festival” with Tobias Stosch and a selected team of co-workers, is a Children’s Conference, specially aimed at children from 6 – 12 years of age.

The fire of the Holy Spirit will also be ignited in the hearts of children. The “Kids Festival” is an event that includes play, fun, interesting workshops, creative prayer, heavenly worship, illustrated teaching and explosive messages.

Saturday morning
10:00 – 12:30
Kids Festival

Saturday afternoon
14:30 – 17:00
Kids Festival

Saturday evening
von 19:00 – 21:30
Childcare for children ages 6 - 12

Food and beverages will be available for purchase in the hall.

The rooms are accessible for people with physical disabilities.

We are unable to help with finding hotels or other accommodation, or with any visa applications.

Reinhard Bonnke

Reinhard Bonnke

Reinhard Bonnke is the founder of the ministry ‘Christ for all Nations’. He is a man who has changed the face of Africa. With over 400 Great Gospel Campaigns and countless smaller events, he has influenced Christendom in Africa like no other. The CfaN campaigns grew dynamically over time, and can now only be held as huge open air events. Through the ministry of CfaN up until now, a total of over 78 million people have been led to a living faith in Jesus Christ.

Daniel Kolenda

Daniel Kolenda

Daniel Kolenda is the President of ‘Christ of all Nations’, a fifth-generation preacher, a modern evangelist and much-loved international speaker. He studied at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, as well as at the Brownsville School of Ministry in Pensacola, Florida. Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke appointed him as his successor several years ago, to lead the ministry of CfaN into the future.

Todd White

Todd White

Todd White is likewise a well-known international speaker. He was a drug addict and an atheist before he was set free from his addictions by Jesus Christ. It is his goal to encourage people grow in their own unique personalities and to demonstrate that the Spirit of God wants to work actively in every Christian, allowing them to live a Christian lifestyle in every moment and in every place.

Peter Wenz

Peter Wenz

Peter Wenz has been head pastor of the “Stuttgart Gospel Forum’ since 1984, a swiftly growing charismatic church. Along with his service in the local churches, he also often travels to minister. Amongst other things, he leads a network of different churches and Christian ministries in over 20 countries. His core message is the love and goodness of God, the necessity for an authentic, consistent lifestyle, the social responsibility of Christians in this world, and the importance of unity in the Body of Christ.

Suzette Hattingh

Suzette Hattingh

Von 1980 bis 1996 war Suzette Hattingh Mitarbeiterin bei „Christus für alle Nationen“ (CfaN) von Reinhard Bonnke. Dort leitete sie die Fürbitte und spielte eine maßgebliche Rolle bei den Vorbereitungen der weltweiten Großevangelisationen und den Einsätzen im Allgemeinen. Später wurde sie Reinhards Co-Evangelistin.
Ihr Gebetsdienst während Reinhard Bonnkes evangelistischen Einsätzen war oft mit Eins-zu-Eins- und Straßenevangelisationen gepaart und hat Tausende in das Königreich Gottes gebracht. Zahllose Christen wurden durch Suzettes Dienst für Gebet und persönliche Evangelisation begeistert.
Suzettes Arbeit als eigenständige Evangelistin entwickelte sich rasch und sie führte bedeutende Großevangelisationen durch. Am 1. Januar 1997 gründete Suzette Hattingh zusammen mit Gayle Claxton „Voice in the City“, ein internationales, überkonfessionelles Missionswerk. Voice in the City hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die Verlorenen und die Menschen mit zerbrochenem Herzen mit dem Evangelium zu erreichen, unabhängig davon, in welcher Lebenssituation sich diese Menschen befinden und welchen Weg sie bisher gegangen sind.
Ein wesentlicher Teil ihres Dienstes ist Heilung, wobei Gott Suzette sehr stark in Zeichen und Wundern gebraucht. Neben weltweiten evangelistischen Einsätzen, bei denen Suzette als Evangelistin dient, hat sie auch den Ruf von Gott empfangen, sich auf einzelne Städte und Gebiete zu konzentrieren, um diese mit dem Evangelium zu erreichen. Unter dem Banner der Dienerschaft wendet sich Suzette mit der gleichen Hingabe sowohl dem Einzelnen als auch den Menschenmassen zu. Obwohl Suzette in erster Linie eine leidenschaftliche Evangelistin ist, besitzt sie auch die Gabe, den Leib Christi durch motivierende Predigten und Lehren aufzubauen und zuzurüsten.
Suzettes Arbeit als Autorin ist eine Quelle der Inspiration für Tausende auf der ganzen Welt, die aus den gesalbten Lehrtexten, gewürzt mit Lebenserfahrungen, Ermutigung, Auferbauung und Hilfestellung für das eigene Leben erfahren dürfen.

HSN Band

HSN Band

Putting God where He belongs – that’s the heartbeat of the Gospel Youth Band. This summarizes the worship sphere of the ‘Gospel Forums’ youth work and stands for passionate worship, where the Holy Spirit is given maximum freedom. The members of the band are believing for a new time of revival in Europe, where Christians from all denominations will see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes this continent.